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Safely Swaddling Your New Baby

Safely Swaddling Your New Baby

Safely Swaddling Your New Baby

As a brand new parent, it can help if you think of your newborn’s arrival as the final trimester of his or her development. In fact, recreating the environment of the womb is a great way to calm down a fussy newborn and sleep better those first months. Swaddling a baby can give that sense of closeness and security (after all, your newborn has been in a pretty tight space for the last nine months). When you swaddle, you will want to do so in such a way that the baby’s legs can still move up, down, and out a little so as to prevent hip dysplasia. To safely swaddle your baby:

1. Use a thin, stretchy square cloth and set it down like a diamond. Fold down the top corner to create a flat line. You can also use a rectangular blanket with the long side on top.

2. Lay your baby down so that the shoulders are just about at t
he fold/flat line you just created, with the head off the blanket.

3. Tucking the baby’s right arm down to the side, pull the left corner of the blanket across the newborn, tucking it under his or her left side securely.

4. Holding down baby’s left arm straight, bring the bottom corner up and across the left shoulder.

5. Pull the right corner snugly across to baby’s right side, making sure there is room for the legs to move.

6. Flip and tuck the right corner end into the back.

A snug swaddle can mimic the womb and make your baby feel secure and calm, even sleeping longer. In addition to blankets, you can also use swaddling products. Remember to not leave your baby unattended, and to wrap the swaddle snugly, but not too tight.

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