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Baby’s First Not-So-Scary Halloween

Baby’s First Not-So-Scary Halloween

Baby’s First Not-So-Scary Halloween

Halloween is a holiday of thrills and chills. Frightening decorations and scary haunted sites amuse and entertain the little kid in all of us. Somehow, they are not so entertaining for actual little kids. Babies, too young to understand why being scared is sometimes a good thing, might be especially affected by seemingly harmless costumes and decorations. So how do you make Halloween not-so-scary?

For babies, keep the costume simple. While it is tempting to put your little one in the cutest and most elaborate costume, babies will feel confined and hot and that will only lead to an irritable little one. Try using a simpler costume with a minimal amount of accessories.

Don’t expect too much from your little pumpkin. It is a possibility that they may not feel like wearing a costume that night, trick-or-treating might come in the middle of nap time, or they could play shy. You can dress your cherub up in their costume and take pictures any time. Don’t get overly upset. Have a piece of candy or two as a consolation prize.

If you don’t want to be part of the trick-or-treaters this year, that’s okay too. You can dress your little one up for a harvest day party, push their stroller as part of a parade, or just dress up to stay home and give out candy.

Have a safe, fun, and not-so-scary Halloween!

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