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Moms! Put the spark back in your relationship

The journey of parenthood brings new responsibilities and a profound shift in focus for both parents. Suddenly, everything in the home revolves around your new bundle of joy – from money matters to laundry duty. Unfortunately, this new shift in focus can easily cause you to lose sight of the very relationship that brought baby into being – the relationship between you and your spouse.

As a stay-at-home mom, I am responsible for all our household chores while my husband works six days a week so we can afford our current lifestyle. Every ounce of energy we have revolves around our new baby. Regretfully, by day’s end, we have very little energy left to spend time on “us.” It’s a sacrifice most people have to make for the sake of a new baby. While it is unfortunate that we have to make such a sacrifice, it is completely understandable. However, I am always on the lookout for ways to put that “spark” back in our relationship.

As moms, we have to remember that not only was he in our lives first, our partner will still be in our lives long after our baby has grown up and is out living a life of his own. Make sure you show your partner how special he is every day. Here are some great ideas for keeping your relationship healthy while also taking care of your precious gift.

Have a romantic dinner for two. Being a mom myself, I know that creating a magical dinner for two isn’t always possible between baby feedings, doing laundry and dirty dishes. However, there will always be those days, however few and far between, when the Universe will seem to align in your favor. This is the time to prepare a meal that he will truly appreciate. Try making him his favorite meal but surprise him by serving it with the lights dimmed and candles lit. Let’s face it – candles can add a romantic glow, even when you’re just serving hot dogs and potato chips.

Surprise him by wearing something other than the normal t-shirt and shorts to bed. When your baby is finally asleep and you two retire to your bedroom, show him that it’s couple time by wearing an outfit that catches his utmost attention. Perhaps wear nothing at all. Whatever the outfit may be, it is guaranteed to give both of you a second wind and get those fires burning once again.

Try surprising him with a kiss. How many times a day do you walk by your partner and even show that you notice he’s there? Give him an unexpected kiss, a smile, a hug or a grab to let him know you are thinking of him. It may lead to some unexpected results that are sure to keep both of you smiling throughout the day.

Indulge his sweet tooth. The next time you’re at the grocery store, pick up ingredients for his favorite dessert. Perhaps if he’s feeling low or has had a rough day, you can quickly whip up something sweet and surprise him with a little decadence.

Send him a love letter. If you know he’s on his computer all day, send him an email. If he’s on the road all day, write a short love note and pack it in his lunch cooler for him to find while he’s away. I guarantee he’ll enjoy finding a sweet note to break up the monotony of his day.

I’ve been able to incorporate all these activities into my life without spending extra money to find a sitter…and without having to divert from my daily routine as a mom. These ideas are incredibly simple and yet so many couples underestimate their power. However, if a baby sitter is available, take advantage of this opportunity. Having time together as a couple outside the home is one of the best ways to keep the two of you in touch. Schedule a night out for dinner, a movie or surprise him with tickets to a sporting event or concert you know he is sure to enjoy.

Letting him know that you are still passionately in love with him doesn’t have to take a lot of work. Do what he likes and mix in new ideas for that added spark. The goal here is to let him know that not only is he always front and center in your mind, but that you are now and forever more madly in love with him.

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