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Meditation and you

There will be many times when you marvel at the quiet, content infant in your arms. You’ll feel love, joy and a sense of awe at the peacefulness surrounding you both. Take advantage of this serene moment with a quick meditation activity that can help you relieve any built-up stress.

Before you begin, safety first. Be sure that there is no way your baby will fall if you relax fully. Try wearing your baby in a carrier that straps to your body. That way you won’t have to worry about dropping him. If your baby is asleep in a crib or swing, simply sit as close to your baby as possible. Remember, meditation is not meant to cause harm.

Relax. Turn off the TV and switch your cell phone to silent. Close your eyes and enjoy the stillness. Get rid of any racing thoughts. Your mind should be quiet.

Smile. Remember that you are in the presence of a miracle – your baby. Think of how special you and your partner are to have created such a miracle. Imagine your baby’s face, sounds and giggles. Now, think of all the wondrous things to come as your baby grows and develops his own personality. You’ll be there to witness every milestone and work hard to help your baby achieve anything and everything he can.

Understand. Understand that while your baby is learning new things from you and the world around him, you are also learning something new. Both you and your baby may occasionally feel frustrated when you are unable to solve a problem or accomplish a task, but don’t give up.

Forgive. Forgive yourself for not being perfect. The house will not always be spotless. Laundry will occasionally pile up unexpectedly. Gourmet meals may not always feature on the dinner table at night. This is all normal. Once you forgive and accept your new normal, you may be able to find inner peace.

Sit back, relax and smile again. Enjoy the quiet time you have left and perhaps treat yourself to a cup of tea…or two.

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