Traveling with a Baby during the Holidays

Traveling with a Baby during the HolidaysThe holiday season is nearly upon us. Some people love visiting relatives, long day or nights spent traveling, or having meals in different places. There is one specific group of people who dread all of this – new parents. Most would rather stay at home safely ensconced in their cocoon of new baby love than to take their infant out into the hustle and bustle. Traveling with a baby can be a nightmare. The amount of baby paraphernalia parents have to take is cumbersome. Add to that the danger of germs the baby will be exposed to and the disruption of schedules and you realize that holiday traveling can easily become a nightmare.

When traveling, make sure you pack the essentials. Try to have a checklist of all of the products you use every day. Don’t forget to bring a portable crib, blankets, a nightlight, and a favorite cuddle toy. Making any new place feel like home is essential. Pack an extra bottle of disinfecting hand gel and do not be embarrassed to insist that people use it before touching your baby. Try to keep your little one on the same schedule they are at home so there will be minimal disruption. If your baby is getting fussy, you can leave early. People generally understand and will not be offended. Stress free holiday travel is possible; it just takes some planning.

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