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Staying active with your baby

Having a new baby to take care of means spending a lot of time on the couch to cuddle, feed and entertain your newborn. Although this period of rest is necessary after childbirth, when your doctor gives you the okay to get moving, do it. Get out and get active. Being physically active is the simplest way to boost your spirits, get more energy and build your endurance for keeping up with a growing baby.

There are several ways to get your blood moving without having to leave the comfort of your own home. The most common form of new-mommy exercise is the “walk and cuddle.” Simply hold your baby close, walk around the house and stop at points of interest. In this way you give your newborn a walking tour of your home, explaining what different objects are. Not only will you burn calories, but by talking to your baby so early you will also be laying the foundation for her future language skills. Colorful magnets on the refrigerator are always a hit with the baby crowd. However, be careful not to let him grab anything that would choke him if swallowed. Or perhaps taking a peek out the window to watch birds at a feeder or snow falling is more your speed. All these activities are a great way to spend time with your new baby while keeping yourself active.

Walking is great exercise, whether done indoors holding your baby or out with your baby in a stroller. Taking your little one for a walk outside has more than just a workout benefit. If your baby has a tough time settling in for naps, a stroller might be the miracle you are looking for to get an overtired bundle of joy to sleep.

It’s always great to get a refreshing walk, a change of scenery and some quiet time. Walking outdoors is a wonderful way to break up the monotony of your day while also meeting your neighbors. Perhaps there are other women in your neighborhood who also have young children. You could start your own walking club. And, let’s not forget that incorporating walking into your daily routine is a great way to get on the path to fitting back into your pre-pregnancy wardrobe.

But why should you limit your activities to just walking? If you find yourself plagued by allergies, and an outside walk is out of the question, put on your favorite music and dance with your baby. He will love moving to a new rhythm and will definitely enjoy the extra cuddle time with you. Why not add singing? You don’t need to have a fabulous voice to keep your baby entertained. The combination of dance and song is sure to create a workout activity that you and your baby will enjoy.

Because playtime with your baby is spent mostly on the floor, maximize this by doing a few simple floor exercises during play. For example, do a quick abdominal workout: Lie on the floor next to your baby and do sets of crunches while reciting baby’s favorite nursery rhymes or something else simple. How about mixing it up with your favorite moves from fitness DVDs and magazines? You will find yourself surprised at how quickly a total floor routine can be accomplished all while keeping baby entertained.

During the newborn stage, your infant will spend most of her time sleeping. If you have the energy, this would be a great time to catch up on all of the fitness DVDs you’ve got stowed away. You might even find some of them still wrapped in plastic. Don’t forget to start small. Always make sure to follow your doctor’s recommendations and don’t overexert yourself. Even a 10-minute, low-impact workout is enough to boost your spirits and give you that second or third wind you’ll need to get through your day.

As with all exercise programs, talk with your doctor before you begin. Staying active is essential for healthy living and works wonders to improve your mental outlook. It is also an excellent way to show your child the benefits of staying active and can aid in preventing childhood obesity.

Be creative and find new ways to stay active with your child as he grows and develops. It will not only keep the two of you healthy and fit, but will also strengthen the bond between mother and child that will last a lifetime.

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