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Perfect Christmas Presents for Babies and the ones to Avoid

Perfect Christmas Presents for Babies and the ones to AvoidChristmas is magical – a time of family gatherings, exchanging presents, singing carols, decorating a tree, and of course, shopping. For parents of babies, they can expect to be deluged with gifts that can range from cute and thoughtful to the strange and thoughtless. Here is a guide for shopping for that perfect baby gift and the ones to avoid.

Toys that will keep a baby interested even at a young age are simple toys that have contrasting colors or plays music with the touch of a large button. A rattle or teething toy would also be a welcome gift. If you are looking for toys that the baby will grow into, soft building blocks encourage creativity and development of small motor skills. A soft ball that can be kicked or thrown without causing damage in the house is another great option. Push toys like shopping carts or vacuum cleaners will develop newfound walking skills.

Anything with small parts or magnets is a bad idea. Babies put everything in their mouths. Toys that can be easily swallowed are dangerous. Make sure that the toy is the right age of the baby. Anything too easy or too difficult will not hold their attention. Keep in mind the size of the parents’ house before buying a large toy. Stuffed animals take up space and only a select few become favorites. The rest just collect dust.

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