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Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner with a Newborn


Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner with a Newborn

Parent Planning Tips for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is about so many things: being thankful for our family and friends, savory dinners and sumptuous desserts, and long-standing family traditions. If one of those traditions happens to be that you are the host of Thanksgiving dinner every year, you know what stress is all about. If you are parents of a newb
orn, you are going to know stress on an intimate level. Cooking for a large group of people on just a few scant hours sleep can be a nightmare. It is okay, you can get through it.

Ask family members to help with the meal this year. You can still open your hearth and home as the family gathering spot, but perhaps this year, you only cook the turkey and let everyone else make the sides. They can also pitch in and clean up the inevitable mess that large gatherings leave behind. Tired? Leave the crowd to entertain themselves and get some rest. New moms need all the sleep they can get. Your guests will understand. Keep the visits short. Having too many people visiting the baby can be overwhelming for both of you and the baby will be exposed to a lot of germs.

If the mere thought of hosting Thanksgiving is causing panic attacks, skip it and order a pizza. Your new little family will be happier in the end.

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