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Survival tools for stay-at-home moms

Many women across the globe have learned that being a stay-at-home mom is not as easy as they previously thought. The responsibilities are endless, the boss is demanding regardless of time, and you may even have to perform some tasks with little or no sleep. Your baby must be fed, bathed, entertained and changed around the clock. Broken down, each task is fairly simple enough to perform. However, these are not the only responsibilities for a stay-at-home mom.

Although you may have finally gotten your baby to sleep, there are still jobs you must do around the home. Laundry is constantly piling up, as are dishes and dirty bottles. And don’t forget to pay bills on time, buy the groceries and prepare dinner for the rest of the family. Unfortunately, you can’t just cater to baby. You have to make sure the rest of the family is comfortable too.

To lessen the stress of these day-to-day requirements, organize and prioritize. Every morning, take a pen and paper, and write down all of the activities that need to be done that day. Try not to leave out even the smallest activity. Once you’re finished, look over the list again. Rewrite it in order of priority: most important activities at the top. When your baby is napping, go down the list, completing each activity. If you finish your entire list before your baby wakes – congratulations. If not, put the list aside for now and focus on baby until the next nap time. Using this method will ensure that you always get the most important task done that day. If you don’t finish the other activities, it’s okay. Remember they weren’t high priority to begin with. You can even carry your list over to the next day then cycle back to the top when the list is finished.

Time management is an essential skill for a stay-at-home mom. Sometimes this means dinner is prepared during your baby’s afternoon nap at 1pm and reheated when the family is ready to eat later in the evening. It may become the norm for laundry to be washed and folded at 4am after your baby’s early morning feeding, when it’s too late for mom to go back to sleep. Compromises will be made every day. The most important thing is to eliminate any stress over daily tasks as much as possible.

This might leave you wondering – is there any time left for mom? All moms need time to focus only on themselves in order to recharge for the next day. This time could be as simple as having time to shower or bathe, being able to enjoy a cup of tea, meditate or taking the time to write in a journal about your day. Time alone for mom is often extremely limited but absolutely necessary. Making the most of these available moments can help make mundane daily tasks seem like less of an obstacle.

While your baby is awake and ready to play, singing and dancing are wonderful ways to make mom and baby smile. Try holding your baby close while making slow, fluid movements. You can even sing your favorite song. Your baby will love the closeness he feels with mom, and it will help mom melt away some of the tension that builds up during the day.

Soon more time will be available as your baby develops a routine and sleeps for longer periods of time. Until then, try not to stress over chores. Organize, prioritize and spend every moment possible building a loving bond with your child.

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