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Colors and your emotions

Feeling a bit out of sorts lately but unable to put a finger on why? Maybe you aren’t feeling as confident in yourself? Are you having a difficult time relaxing to fall asleep at night? Whatever the reason, perhaps changing the colors of your outfit or the room around you is your miracle solution.

Using certain colors in your daily life may help you achieve a certain mood or feeling. From maintaining focus to simply lifting your spirit, surrounding yourself with the appropriate hue may be just what you need. Many people believe each color carries its own vibration or energy that can actually be felt by those around it. For instance, a room decorated in soothing greens and earthy browns may have a very calm and relaxing feel, while another room accessorized in orange tones has a sense of energy and stimulation. Want to change how you feel in a certain space? Try changing the color scheme to match your desired mood.

Understanding a color’s energy is the first step in making color choices for the space you wish to decorate. You may also notice that some colors hold more than one type of energy and can be used in many different ways. Use this to your advantage by coming up with different combinations to suit your personal taste.

Comforting colors that heal and soothe are essential for bedrooms or living areas. These colors include shades of brown, green, blue, gray, and white. Remember, these colors have additional energies beyond healing. Green also sends out energy for prosperity, success and fertility. Blue symbolizes honor, loyalty and wisdom, and also aids in sleep. Gray neutralizes any negativity, leaving a peaceful feeling. White is also peaceful and a great color for meditating. Brown is a perfect color for household pet areas, as it can help keep animals calm.

If your goal is stimulation of the senses, go with shades of orange, yellow, red and purple. Orange has a stimulating energy. Use this color in spaces where energy is necessary, such as the kitchen. Yellow has a feeling of confidence, attraction and charm, but is also great for study areas as it can stimulate your intellect. Red is passionate and tends to boost a person’s confidence, willpower, physical strength and courage. Purple gives off an aura of power, success and independence, and is also great for meditating.

Black is great as an accent color due to its ability to absorb negativity. Try using black accent pillows on a living room couch to remove any negative thoughts that may be lurking while you’re trying to relax. Black also works well in the bedroom for bed sheets. It will help to lull you into a peaceful sleep while reducing tension from the day’s stresses. If you’re not a big fan of black, cover it up with decorative bedding so it will be your secret. Black also works amazingly well for meditation.

Metallic colors such as silver and gold also carry their own energy. Their properties are ironically helpful during the holiday season to provide encouragement, stability and remove any negativity. Holiday decorations often have these colors, which may help us get through difficult times while making up for the lack of sunshine during our day.

Color can be used in an infinite number of combinations to achieve a desired mood. Look beyond the norm and go with your gut on how each color makes you feel. Wearing your favorite color may truly help you to feel better throughout your day.

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